The Tyre Tread Test

This is a great chart to figure out how to check your tyre treads. You should check them once a month to make sure you are on the right track with safety and efficiency.

How to Read Your Treads

The Problem The Reason The Remedy
Both edges worn Underinflation Add more air; check for leaks
Center treads worn Overinflation Let air out to manufacturer’s specifications
One-sided wear Poor alignment Have wheels aligned
Treads worn unevenly, with bald spots, cups, or scallops Wheel imbalance and/or poor alignment Have wheels balanced and aligned
Erratically spaced bald spots Wheel imbalance or worn shocks Have wheels balanced or replace shocks
Edges of front tyres only worn Taking curves too fast Slow down!
Saw-toothed wear pattern Poor alignment Have wheels aligned
Whining, thumping, and other weird noises Poor alignment, worn tyres or shocks Have wheels aligned or buy new tyres or shocks
Squealing on curves Poor alignment or underinflation Check wear on treads and act accordingly

Underinflated tyres wear out faster, create excessive heat, increase fuel consumption and make your car harder to handle. Overinflated tyres can “blow out” more easily, wear out faster and make the car unstable and unsafe to handle. A new set of tyres on wheels that are out of alignment can wear out completely in as little as one day of hard driving! Here at Cherry Orchard Tyres, we make sure to align and balance your tyres to make them last much longer.

Tyre Wear