Tyre Fitting

We fit our tyres speedily and safely.

Here’s an example of someone replacing a tyre:



He did a good job there – took it off and put it on without damaging the wheel, he even put a new valve in which is what you’d expect every time you get a new tyre fitted.

The only thing he missed, and this is missed by many of our competitors, is cleaning the rims.

Its important to clean the rims of the wheel before fitting an other tyre as this ensures the seal between it and the new tyre has no problems (old rubber, dirt etc.) which prevents the possibility of any deflation when you get back on the road.

This is really important as the correct pressure in your tyres increases their performance and handling.

Check out our safety tips for more information on looking after your tyres and use the contact form in the top right of this page to get a quote or have someone call you.

Alternatively, just drive up to any of our garages for your free Tyre Pressure and Safety Check.