Lyoness. Money back with every purchase

Lyoness is an independent shopping community, established in a range of countries and sectors. The unique benefit for every member is that you get money back with every purchase made at one of the 20,000+ Lyoness Loyalty Merchants!
The success and future of a company always starts with a unique idea, clear vision and the right philosophy.
That’s why the Lyoness shopping community slogan is:

Together we are strong!

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The idea

The Lyoness slogan ‘Money back with every purchase’ links members and Loyalty Merchants across the world to the Lyoness shopping community. The special strength of this international community lies in this unique win-win proposition: besides members and Loyalty Merchants, people in need also benefit from every purchase made via Lyoness, thanks to the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation.
Hubert Freidl founded Lyoness in July 2003 and today is the CEO of Lyoness International AG, the man with the ideas and the driving force behind the company.

The vision

  • more time for life
  • financial independence
  • additional income
  • Europe’s most widely used benefits card
  • the largest international network of members and Loyalty Merchants.

The philosophy

Together we can achieve more!

  • more money for every individual!
  • more revenue for our Loyalty Merchants
  • better opportunities for our less fortunate fellows.

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation.

Part of the turnover generated via Lyoness goes to the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation, which was founded in May 2008. With the philosophy ‘Preserving life through education’, aid and education projects are carried out that help give people in need a better chance in life.
“From the start it was my goal that the success of my company would also be used to help people who lack the education or opportunities to follow their dreams in the way that I can. A social network such as Lyoness offers the possibility of helping others. I am pleased that we have been able to take a step in this direction by founding the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation,” founder Hubert Freidl is happy to say.