Puncture Repair

Here at Cherry Orchard Tyres, we want our customers to be as safe on the road as possible and help you to save money by extending the life of your tyres. We do that by making sure your wheels are balanced and aligned when fitting new tyres or though out the year – just pop in.

Also, when a tyre gets a puncture or wont hold air in it, we can sort it out for you in a jiffy!

Here’s and example of a car tyre being repaired using a patch:

We plug smaller punctures but mostly you’ll see us patching your puncture as we’ve found its the safest way to keep you on the road.

Getting a puncture repaired is a pretty fast job and cheap too!  We price small repairs at €5.00, “normal” ones at €10.00 and tougher ones at €15.00.

But that’s not all!

Sometimes a tyre can lose pressure for some other reason – the rim might have dirt in it, it might be dented out of shape, the valve could be faulty, etc. We can fix them all!

Car on the roadLet us help you to stay safe and on the road, call in as soon as you notice anything wrong with the handling, sound  or drive of your car.