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press release 15.08.14

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July’s Car Service Competition Winner!

Congratulations To Mary Murray!

Her husband brought her pride and joy in to claim her prize of a full car service! And we checked every thing from the oil to the air filter and gave it a good overhaul.

Car Service Winner July 14

We were glad to help an other customer to keep their car on the road and safe, and we look forward to seeing you again.

Thanks to all our customers for your many years of support and keep your eyes peeled for our next competition and winner – it could be you!

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June Competition Winners!!!

June 14 Competition winners

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Secondhand Tyres and Retreads are More Expensive Than New Tyres!

Hi, so today I was doing a bit of research as to our legal standing in regards to selling part worn tyres and retreads, and where we stand when a 1customer gets a puncture fixed but the tyres are worn to or past the legal limit and what I found was very interesting!


Firstly it was on the Road Safety Authority website where I found a full write up on part-worn and retreads that all my questions were answered: RSA_Part-Worn_Consultation_Document


But just to summarize:


1. There are no specific regulations for part-worn tyres in Ireland and, as such, they can be legally fitted and used on vehicles providing they meet with the Construction and Use of Vehicles Regulations 2003.


2. It is the legal responsibility of the owner and driver of a vehicle or combination of vehicles to ensure that, when it is used in a public place, it is in such a condition that it is not liable to endanger other road users.


3. Buying part-worn tyres may offer substantial savings to consumers at the time of purchase. However, when consideration is given to the shorter lifespan and the cost per millimetre (mm) of usable tread on a part worn tyre, new tyres may actually prove to be better value for money for the consumer in the long term. Consider the example of a part worn tyre which costs €30 and has 3.6mm of tread remaining. This tyre will have 2mm of available tread wear before the minimum legal depth of 1.6mm is reached. Therefore the cost of the tyre can be equated to €15 per mm of available tread. On the other hand a new tyre costing €80 will have 8mm of tread or 6.4mm of available tread wear, which equates to €12.50 per mm or a 17% cost reduction.


In addition to the increased costs in the example above, the vehicle owner will have to fit three sets of part worn tyres to get the same life as one new set of tyres.


4. These condition checks should be done on all part worn or retread tyres:

·         Any cut over 25mm which is deep enough to reach the ply or cord

·         Any internal or external lump, bulge or tear

·         Any ply or cord exposed internally or externally

·         Penetration damage that has not been repaired


I guess the moral of the story is that you should either go for new tyres

 or make sure your dealer checks them fully!


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November Winner!

Congratulations to our November Winner

Ann Hughes!

Ann HughesAnn was in at the weekend to collect her prize – 4 new tyres, balanced and aligned, for her car.

So thanks again for all those that entered, we’ll keep on doing this every month as long as there’s interest in it! But we’ve a special Christmas competition happening soon! Watch this space!

And don’t forget! We’re doing free winter car check-ups, so pop in now to make sure your vehicle is ready for the wet and cold!

Hope to see you soon,

All the team

Cherry Orchard Tyres

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Our October Winner!

Congratulations to our October competition winner!!!

Glenn Hartigan!

Nov WinnerGlenn popped in to collect his prize just before the weekend there – 4 new tyres, balanced and aligned, for his Transit. And the picture says it all.

So thanks again for all those that entered, we’ll keep on doing this every month as long as there’s interest in it! Oh, and look out for us posting up September’s winner, she is still to collect her prize!

And don’t forget! We’re doing free winter car check-ups, so pop in now to make sure your vehicle is ready for the wet and cold!

Hope to see you soon,

All the team

Cherry Orchard Tyres

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Car Battery Check – Your Autumn Guide.

Hello there,

As the weather changes and temperatures start to cool, if you notice that your car takes a couple of turns to start then it’s a sign that your car battery’s life is nearly up – and when winter does hit, you might have problems starting you car.

The reason for this is that the acid in your battery eventually can’t charge anymore (as all batteries do) and the cooler temperatures prevent the exchange between the chemicals in older ones.

So what do you do if you notice this starting to happen?

Well, first of all you can take your car to one of our garages for a free car battery check and let one of our helpful staff look your car over to see if it’s playing up or not.

Car Battery CheckIf it’s not up to scratch then don’t worry, we supply the best batteries in the business which will keep you on the road for many years to come – Yuasa.

Yuasa Car BatteryProfessional – Automotive battery         Advanced automotive battery technology for 25% more engine starts than standard automotive batteries

The Yuasa Professional range of automotive batteries offers motorists a direct equivalent to the original fitted car battery and offers the peace of mind that comes with Yuasa’s reputation for reliability.

All Professional automotive batteries have a longer service life and over 25% more starting performance compared to conventional automotive lead acid batteries, offering capacities from 26 to 110Ah that cover over 90% of cars and light vans.

Key Benefits of Yuasa Professional automotive batteries
- Up to 25,000 engine starts.
- Lifetime maintenance free.
- Ideal for vehicles with standard specification levels.
- Calcium Technology

(Source: http://www.yuasaeurope.com/en-gb/automotive/products/professional/)

But not only will we check your battery over, we’ll have a look at any issue you’re having with your car with no obligation at all.

Pop in now for your free car battery check.

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August Competition Winner!!!

Congratulations to Leona Wisely Jordan

- this months winner of a brand new set of tyres!!!

Today Leona, her husband and son came to pick up their prize and were good enough to let us take a pic =D

August Winner

Thanks again for all those that entered and continue to make this competition a success!

Look out again next month for us on Facebook and don’t forget that we do free NCT checks as well as checking you tyre pressure and oil levels too – just pop in to either of our depots.

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July Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Ann Tester French!!! Our July Competition Winner!!!

Now we know it’s August but this July’s competition was run a little late and again it was a great success.

Thanks again to all those that entered and helped make this so popular. We’ll be continuing this as long as we have our customers supporting ourselves and other locally run businesses.

So here’s our winner who came to collect her prize on a very changeable Friday afternoon (02/08/13) and it just happened to be bright out side the garage when we took the photo =D

Aug01Thank Ann for being such a good sport and we were glad to give your car a check over for your NCT in the coming weeks.

Stay safe on the roads folks.

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June Competition Winner!

Very well done to Alan Duffy – our June competition winner!

After a bit of trouble getting in touch with us, Alan contacted us to arrange collection of his prize and gave the new set of tyres to his nephew Matty Boland.

111Thanks again to all those that took part and made this competition a success!

We’ll be running July’s comp. shortly so keep an eye out on our Facebook page.


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