April Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Annette Kavanagh Ryan!

Winner of this month’s competition for 4 brand new tyres (to the value of €100 each).

April Winner

Annette collected her prize, Monday past (29th of April), of 4 Continental tyres – a really good brand and a perfect set of shoes for her car!

Thanks for letting us get a picture of you, I hope we can be of service to you and your family again in the future!

Watch this space as we’ll be running the same competition next month but remember, if you need a good set of tyres before then, we will give you a great deal, do a proper job and make sure you’re satisfied!

Just pop in, give us a call or drop us a message or email.

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Monthly Competition: Win a set of tyres!


 Each month we’re giving away a free set of tyres to the value of €100.00 each, with fitting, balancing and wheel alignment included! (Terms & Conditions: If you’d like an even more expensive set of tyres then you can use the €100.00 per tyre as credit toward them! The winner agrees to photo’s being taken of the prize being accepted.)


Just find us on Facebook and like and share the competition post to be in with a chance to win this much needed prize for your car.

 Also, don’t worry if you didn’t win this time, call in or contact one of our depots and we’ll do our very best to give you a great price on tyres, servicing or any other mechanical work that you need for your car (you can also check out our weekly special offers here: http://www.cherryorchardtyres.ie/index.php/special-offers-3/).

Best of luck to you,

All the team

Cherry Orchard Tyres

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Prepared for April Showers?

Flooded Road Ireland April showers… last year, in the last week of April we experienced some serious torrential rain and gale force winds with a number of weather warnings for floods and dangerous driving conditions, particularly in Dublin. So this year we’re making sure we’re prepared for it ahead of time as our weather is known to be quite changeable at the best of times.

 Making sure your car is up for handling heavy wind and rain only takes a few minutes looking over your car, and if you find that any of the following need repaired or renewed just pop by one of our depots for a no obligation quote.


 Do your wipers leave streaks, or not keep your windscreen very clear? Then you may need new ones or different windscreen washer fluid. Our guys can check this for you for free and if needed we can replace either of them for you very fast and inexpensively.


 To see and be seen is very important. Check that all your lights are functioning properly (you might need someone to stand at the rear of your car to check the brake lights) and that there are no cracks in the lenses, and they’re not knocked out of place etc. We can also help you with your headlight alignment should you notice it’s off.


 You should check all your tyres for condition, pressure and tread depth – including the spare. The minimum legal requirement for tyre thread depth is 1.6mm in Ireland, but we recommend replacing a tyre when the thread depth falls below 3mm. Also check your tyre pressure as incorrectly inflated tyres are not only unsafe, they wear out faster and can increase fuel consumption by around 5%, so don’t under any circumstance reduce tyre pressure to get more grip – it doesn’t work, and it actually reduces stability. Check your hand book for the correct pressure for your tyres and remember to take into account your average load use for the car.

Tips for if come across floodwater:

• Don’t drive through water if you’re not sure how deep it is!

• Test you brakes as soon as you can after you’ve past though the water.

• Drive slowly and keep the revs high when driving through standing water.

• Don’t drive fast through any body of water as your tyres can lose contact with the road (aquaplaning) and you can lose control of your car.

• Don’t drive through fast moving water – like at a flooded bridge, your car could easily be swept away or even overturned before you know it!

•  Also, driving fast through water can cause damage to your car and be very expensive to fix – even a small amount of water sucked into you engine can cause serious problems..

• Be aware of motorcyclists and pedestrians when passing through water, not only is it not funny to be splashed but it could be a dangerous distraction to them also.

• Lastly, if you’re waiting on breakdown assistance, don’t leave your bonnet open in the rain as wet electrics could hinder fixing what’s actually wrong with you car.

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Competition Winner!!!

Congratulations to Ian Daly!

Winner of this month’s competition for 4 brand new tyres (to the value of €100 each).

WinnerIan collected his prize this sunny but cold afternoon (Friday the 29th of March) of 4 Dunlop Bluresponse tyres – one of our top of the range makes and models.

Thanks for the pic. (that’s Ian on the left and his dad in the middle, pictured behind his mum’s car in front of our Clondalkin garage), I hope we can be of service to you and your family again in the future!

Watch this space as we’ll be running the same competition next month but remember, if you need a good set of tyres before then, we will give you a great deal, do a proper job and make sure you’re satisfied too!

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Latest Satisfied Customer Review


I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to thank the lads for such great service.
I came to you guys, a damsel in distress, with a flat tyre. On that day you’s were so busy! I had just arrived one of the lads came right over, all smiley and friendly and told me he’d look after me in just a moment. You have top lads working there, very hard working lads who , regardless of how busy they are , are still nice and friendly and chatty.

He had replaced my tyre in no time.

This is my second visit as well, the last time I had a puncture repair and the same case scenario, very busy but took good care of me as soon as possible.
Will be reccomending you to everyone.

Thanks again lads.

Top blokes & top service

Kind Regards,

E. G.

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Used Tyres Versus New.

Going for used or new tyres depends what your plans are for the car. Do you use your car daily? What’s your average yearly mileage? What do you mostly use your car for?

used tyres

But buying used tyres is kind of like buying a used car. The previous owner did not get rid of them because they were in perfect shape, did they? And safety on the road should be your main concern when buying tyres.

Sure, if you’re not using your car very much and don’t really want to spend money on it then yeah, used or part worn tyres seems like a good idea but there are a few facts you should take into consideration:

  • The legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm and tyres should be replaced when the tread depth approaches 2mm. This is because in wet conditions (of which we have plenty) the grip of your tyres can be severely affected as the water on the road can’t be ejected from under your tyre efficiently, causing skids and lose of steering ability.
  • The tyre could have been driven underinflated, overloaded or at excessively high speeds, any one, or a combination of these factors could lead to internal damage not visible from the outside or to the naked eye. In short, a used tire could be unsafe and further use by you could increase the chances of a blow out.
  • Used tyres wear faster than new ones – a bit of common sense that, but really, here’s a study done by an independent tyre expert in the UK (courtesy of autoexpress.co.uk) that shows you how they are not really cheaper as you’d be buying a new set well ahead in comparison to if you’d bought new ones in the first place.

Average part-worn versus new tyre costs

(From independent tyre expert Ted Foreman – UK, hence the prices in Sterling, study done of 50 randomly bought used tyres around the UK)

Part-worn New
Tyre size Tread Price Cost per mm* Price Cost per mm**
165/70 R14 3.84mm £20.00 £8.93 £30.60 £3.99
165/65 R14 5.17mm £40.00 £11.20 £30.31 £4.12
175/65 R14 4.90mm £24.67 £7.47 £30.22 £4.29
195/50 R15 5.17mm £25.00 £7.00 £32.69 £4.72
175/65 R15 4.25mm £22.50 £8.48 £37.37 £7.74
205/50 R16 3.95mm £18.33 £7.81 £41.36 £4.78
205/55 R16 4.00mm £43.10 £17.96 £37.72 £4.81
195/55 R15 5.42mm £23.00 £6.02 £39.82 £4.99
185/60 R14 5.17mm £14.75 £4.13 £31.96 £5.11
175/65 R16 4.50mm £20.00 £6.90 £95.52 £5.84
155/70 R13 5.06mm £9.14 £2.64 £26.36 £5.89
165/80 R13 5.00mm £13.75 £4.04 £27.44 £6.22
165/65 R13 4.50mm £10.99 £3.79 £25.54 £6.46

*To legal limit. **To legal limit, based on tread depth of 8mm.

(Scource: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/35532/used-tyre-scandal#ixzz2NzFuEQdL)

  • And lastly, all new tyres since November last year now legally have to have safety rating stickers on them. So when you come to us for advice on getting the best value for money and safety, you can see what you’re getting fuel efficiency and wet grip wise.

There’s never been a better time to buy new tyres!

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Cherry orchard Tyres versus Advance Pitstop, Fastfit (First Stop) and Atlas Tyres

Here at Cherry Orchard Tyres we deliver good service and value for money.

We don’t need to tell you we’re better than anyone else as we’ve been open since 1988 and continue to grow as a business each year and our goal as a business is to keep our customers safe on the road while giving them value for money.

Now this isn’t a story about how we got a loan from the bank or had a wealthy foreign company or individual invest their money in our company so that they could just make profit off of us hard working Irish families. No, this is the story of an Irish family who have made steady progress through the years to become a locally known name in the tyre and car servicing game.

Mechanic Our garages and staff are at your service in Dublin 22 and Dublin 10 and we will help you keep your car safe on the road because we take pride in the work we do. We give a fair price on high quality tyres as well as finding deals that suit our customer’s needs so all budgets are taken into account.

Very often our customers comment on what a good job we’ve done when fitting a new set of tyres, fixing a puncture or servicing their car and at the end of the day we offer the best value for money that you can find.


And the fact that you can come into our garage and speak to the boss is something you won’t find in many other places.

So get in touch now for a free quote on any work you need done and support your local community and businesses.

tyre fitting

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Dunlop’s new tyre, the Bluresponse, reviewed. (please right click on the picture to zoom in)

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New Tyre Labels Explained By The RSA

Choosing a Tyre

Knowing more about E-marks, S-marks and labeling can help you choose tyres that are legally compliant, and that also meet your safety and environmental priorities.

Performance labeling

A new EC regulation requires some tyres to have performance labels, with the aim of encouraging people to purchase tyres with superior environmental and safety performance, and also encourage tyre manufacturers to produce tyres whose performance exceeds the minimum requirements specified in EU Regulations.

This regulation requires that tyres manufactured from 1st July 2012 for cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks and placed on sale from 1st November 2012, carry a label showing the tyre’s wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise performance. The tyre labels are similar to the labeling already in use for household goods such as washing machines and dishwashers.  Each tyre will be given a performance rating from A-G excluding D to avoid an average performing tyre.

eu tyre label

EU Tyre Label

Some tyres, such as retreaded tyres, off-road tyres and racing tyres, are excluded from labeling requirements.

Wet Grip

Wet adherence, or grip, is one of the most important safety performance characteristics of a tyre.

However, higher adherence and lower rolling resistance are often contradictory objectives that have traditionally required a performance trade-off. Thanks to the new labeling regulation, customers will be able to see and choose for themselves their preferred performances.

The labels measure wet grip using a ranking system that ranges from
A                                           G
best performance                                 worst performance

Vehicles with tyres from Class A stop in the shortest distance from 50mph, whilst tyres from Class B take an additional 3-6 metres. This trend continues for the subsequent values and results in an increase in braking distance of over 18 metres from a vehicle in Class A to Class F. It is key that this crucial safety value appears on the label to enable the motorist to have a fuller picture of the tyres performance. A label that only highlighted rolling resistance and noise could give a false impression of the tyres performance. For wet braking Categories D and G are not used so any tyre with longer stopping distances in the wet will be rated as E or F.

Label tyre wet grip performance rating

Label indicating a tyre’s wet grip performance rating

Fuel Efficiency

One of the forces influencing the fuel efficiency of a motorized vehicle is the rolling resistance of the tyres.   A tyre from Class C will use 1 litre more fuel than that of a tyre from Class B over a journey of 625 miles.

The labels measure rolling resistance using a ranking system that ranges from
A                                   G

Most fuel efficient                                            Least fuel efficient

Label tyre fuel efficiency rating

Label indicating a tyre’s fuel efficiency rating

Exterior Noise

Traffic noise is an environmental concern. The new labels split tyres into three sound categories, based on the noise they produce in reference to new EU regulations, to be introduced in 2016.

1 black sound wave = least noise produced, already compliant with the future tighter EU limit
2 black sound waves = already compliant with the future EU limit.
3 black sound waves = compliant with the current EU limit.

Label tyre exterior rolling noise rating

Label indicating a tyre’s exterior rolling noise rating

Labelling responsibilities of distributors, suppliers & manufacturers

Distributors (retailers selling to end users) should ensure that

  • each tyre bears the label sticker in a clearly visible position, or,
  • before the sale of the tyre, the label information will be shown to the end user, and a label must be clearly displayed in the immediate proximity of the tyre or provided when tyres offered for sale are not visible to the customer.
  • label values for any tyres purchased must also be stated on or with the bill to the customer.

Tyre suppliers should ensure that:

  • when tyres are delivered, they are accompanied by a performance label or sticker for each size and type of tyre in the delivery.
  • all sales promotion and technical material show the label values for each tyre in an understandable way.

Vehicle manufacturers should ensure that:

  • they provide label values to consumers where a choice of different tyres can be made on a new vehicle

The websites of both manufacturers and distributors must also show the label information for tyres offered.

E-marking on tyres

What is an E-marked tyre?

An E-mark confirms that a tyre meets minimum EU or International (UNECE) standards in relation to its dimensions, load and speed rating. E-mark tyres have been tested to ensure adequate tread depth and performance ability.

All motor vehicles tyres in the EU must be E-marked, whether new or retreaded.

Here’s how to read your tyre in relation to E-marks:

  • The E-mark consists of an ‘E’ or ‘e’ and a number within a circle or a rectangle
  • A capital ‘E’ denotes UNECE approval, a small ‘e’ EU approval. Either is acceptable.
  • The number following the ‘E’ or ‘e’ denotes the Member State that granted approval.
  • Following the circle or rectangle is a type approval certificate number, issued for tyre size and type.

Example of an E-mark and approval number

Roadworthiness check of E-marked tyres
The check on E-marking of tyres is one of a number of new NCT test items introduced following the completion of a public consultation process in 2009.

What should I do if I have recently purchased tyres that are not E-marked?
It is illegal to fit non-E-marked tyres. If you have recently had tyres fitted to your vehicle that do not have an E-mark, the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) advises you return to the vendor with proof of purchase and request that they be replaced with the E-marked tyres appropriate for your vehicle.
When returning non E-marked tyres, the National Consumer Agency advises that you also consult the information provided on their website on the Sale of Goods Acts 1980 (PDF).

S-marking on tyres

EU motor vehicle tyres must bear an S-mark “sound marking” that certifies that the amount of road noise produced by the tyre complies with EU or International (UNECE) standards.
Retailers can no longer sell tyres with a width of 215mm or lower unless they have an S-marking on the sidewall. From 1st October 2011, all tyres, regardless of width, will have to bear an S-mark to be sold.

Example of an S-mark

Retreaded tyres
Retreaded tyres are older tyres that have been recoated with a rubber veneer of tread.
If you are on a tight budget, the use of retreaded tyres can also make it possible to replace worn tyres without incurring a great deal of expense.

While the exact process for retreading a tyre varies slightly from one producer to another, the essentials of the task involve taking a tyre that is in good condition and adding another layer of rubber over the worn tread. This replacement treading is adhered to the original tyre using methods that help to bond the veneer to the older tyre so strongly that it is difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between retreaded tyres and new tyres.

In Ireland the sale and supply of retreaded tyres is governed by the Road Traffic (Retreaded Tyres) Regulations 2008—S.I. 118 of 2008. These Regulations, give effect to Council Decision 2006/443/EC, which says retreaded tyres must conform with UNECE Regulation 109 (retreaded tyres for commercial vehicles and their trailers) and UNECE Regulation 108 (retreaded tyres for private cars, light goods and light trailers).

For a retreaded tyre that complies with these regulations to be placed on the market, purchased, sold or fitted to a vehicle or trailer, it must conform to a type that has been type approved and must bear the required ‘E’ or ‘e’ mark. Once retreaded at an approved production unit, it must also bear the word ‘Retread’ on its sidewall.

Tyre retreading centres or production units must be approved by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), who can also tell you the locations of tyre retreading centres in your area.

Source: http://www.rsa.ie/en/RSA/Your-Vehicle/About-your-Vehicle/Example-of-non-Dup/Your-Vehicles-Tyres-/Choosing-a-Tyre/

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Tyres Dublin

If you need car tyres in Dublin you should give us a call.

We provide quality tyres at excellent prices Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli, sava, Michelin, Bridgestone, and whatever else you may want we will be happy to get on a same day delivery basis.

We balance tyres, fit new valves, and clean rims properly to ensure new tyres seal properly, we do this the right way by scrubbing off any corrosion on the rim, unlike some garages that smear black gunk on the rim in the hope that it sticks and stops leaks, years of experience has taught us that the only right way to do it is to clean the rim the old fashioned way with a wire brush and put a new tubeless neck on the rim, we have found this is the best way to deal with slow leaks and becuase our customers keep coming back year after year – we know it works.

If you’re looking for honest professional advice and help on tyres and need some usefell friendly advice without loosing your shirt come down to cherry orchard tyres or give us call,

We also have a mobile unit that can come to you for all your tyre needs



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