Car Battery Check – Your Autumn Guide.

Hello there,

As the weather changes and temperatures start to cool, if you notice that your car takes a couple of turns to start then it’s a sign that your car battery’s life is nearly up – and when winter does hit, you might have problems starting you car.

The reason for this is that the acid in your battery eventually can’t charge anymore (as all batteries do) and the cooler temperatures prevent the exchange between the chemicals in older ones.

So what do you do if you notice this starting to happen?

Well, first of all you can take your car to one of our garages for a free car battery check and let one of our helpful staff look your car over to see if it’s playing up or not.

Car Battery CheckIf it’s not up to scratch then don’t worry, we supply the best batteries in the business which will keep you on the road for many years to come – Yuasa.

Yuasa Car BatteryProfessional – Automotive battery         Advanced automotive battery technology for 25% more engine starts than standard automotive batteries

The Yuasa Professional range of automotive batteries offers motorists a direct equivalent to the original fitted car battery and offers the peace of mind that comes with Yuasa’s reputation for reliability.

All Professional automotive batteries have a longer service life and over 25% more starting performance compared to conventional automotive lead acid batteries, offering capacities from 26 to 110Ah that cover over 90% of cars and light vans.

Key Benefits of Yuasa Professional automotive batteries
- Up to 25,000 engine starts.
- Lifetime maintenance free.
- Ideal for vehicles with standard specification levels.
- Calcium Technology


But not only will we check your battery over, we’ll have a look at any issue you’re having with your car with no obligation at all.

Pop in now for your free car battery check.

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